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Wheels of Heaven Church, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1966.

Aldo van Eyck

*The photo above is of a ground plan model. 

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Buy a sheet of our new baking-inspiring wrapping paper today, and we’ll give you an extra one for FREE!! … all in celebration of tonights Great British Bake Off final.

Illustration by the excellent Nicholas J Frith. 

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Room 11, Mario Wagner 

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Archipelago of connectivity, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

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Sonsbeek Pavilion. Aldo Van Eyck. 1966”

drawing by Peter Cassidy

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R. Crumb illustrates Bukowski

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The Bandaged Orchestra during the Fluxus festival, arranged by Yoko Ono at Carnegie Recital Hall in 1965.

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Last week was Design Week Portland….and I missed all of it! Which is seriously laughable, because there was so much stuff to go to. Unfortunately I got super sick and had picture book deadlines, so I spent a lot of time under covers drawing in bed watching silly television. Next year, Portland! Next year.

I was there in spirit though; I designed a two color poster for WeMake’s special screenprinted poster series. Look how cool they are! Technically we could’ve done three, but I wanted to see what I could get done with just two. Fun playing around with markmaking (brush, scratchboard) and some collage in the form of washi tape.

I need more excuses for limited color in my life!

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wake up and party. 

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typeverything.com, photo by keith tatum

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